Log of our eleventh trip of 1988

Maumee Bay State Park

Oregon, Ohio

October 13-16, 1988

Mileage Start 46,344 --  Home 46,777
Attended:  Dad 21, Mom 35, Meg 6, Matt 4


and Billy Krysh, 4, Matt's Friend

Billy, Matt's four year old friend, is our first guest when camping.  We picked him up at his house.  The park is four hours away but super and very close to I-71.  It is almost perfect for the kids.  We were pulling in and it was very dark.  We saw deer running about and a deer ran in front of the motorhome.  We are on site 74, the beat one.  We are VERY near playground, water, etc.  We slept well.  Billy is very homesick.  We were up at 7 AM and out playing and took a walk.  Then Billy got homesick again.  Wow, was he homesick.  Refused to do anything but sit on the couch.  We had fun.   Gilchrists and Deathridge families arrived.  We had a nice fire where Billy joined us.  Bed at 11, up at 8.  We helped KK0J from Durango, CO (owns the Durango KOA) with his alternator.  Took a long walk.  We had nice fires.  Lots of fun.  The trails here are great.  Bicycling is fair.  We had a huge fire Saturday night after raiding the woods for more wood a number of times.  Sunday included another long walk and all kinds of fun.  Lots to explore if more time were available.  Three days of SERIOUS walking in the park.  A week more roads and trails outside the campground.  Billy says he had fun but doesn't want to go again.

Further information on Ohio State Parks are available at their website.

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