Log of our eleventh trip of 1988

Maumee Bay State Park

Oregon, Ohio

October 8-9, 1988

Mileage Start 46,135 --  Home 46,344
Attended:  Dad 21, Mom 22, Meg 6, Matt 4



We are camped in the middle of a HUGE field of wildflowers.  Red, pink, violet, deep purple, white, yellow, orange, and every combination.  Absolutely beautiful.  Very pretty.  There is a small playground near the rear of the camp.  We are camped on site 112.  There are two lakes (ponds) about 15 feet deep on either side.  They are supposed to be stocked but we chummed with bread without seeing anything.  This park is great for on-road walking and path walking (short) around the lake.  It is not good for much else.  There is an undeveloped beach across the road.  We never made it there.  We had a nice fire with camp pizzas, pies, and marshmallows.  A nice fire.  Lots of pheasants.  Both kids asked to go to bed.


Raining, sometimes quite heavy.  I have the bikes out and am awaiting a break.  Finally got packed up as it appeared it was going to rain forever.   Off we go for home.  Home and raining--yuck!

Further information on Ohio State Parks are available at their website.

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