Log of our first trip of 1989

Van Buren State Park

McClure, Ohio

Independence Dam State Park

Defiance, Ohio

March 29-April 2, 1989

Mileage Start 46,782 --  Home 47,095
Attended:  Dad 21, Meg 6, Matt 5


Misty, but not raining--about 40 degrees out.  Very muddy.  A small state park, it is nice.  It borders on a commercial park which certainly makes it not one of the "out in the sticks" parks.  No swimming but a bike would be fun in the towns of Findlay and Fostoria.  Played packet on one of the local BBSs.  N8FIS on .01 - fun.  Wish I had split screen, etc!  We took a walk across some railroad tracks to a school that had two nice playgrounds.  They had lots of stuff to play on.  Went to bed early--all were tired.  Got up at 8.  It poured ALL night--really poured!  It is now noon and we have been stuck inside because of the cold rain.  A couple of more walks but in general a rainy and yucky day!  Phooey!  Went to bed at 9, up at 8 to ... SNOW.

Went to Independence Dam State Park.  Weather was snow--heavy snow--with no accumulation but we almost got into an accident when some jerk couldn't stop at the exit of I-75.  Whew.  Wet and messy here too -- muddy and yucky.  Oh well.  Went for a five mile bike ride.  This park would be fun were it dry.  Still, very small and hard to get the motorhome around in it.  Lots of firewood!  Big fire tonight!  Cold--25 degrees.

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Further information on Ohio State Parks are available at their website.

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