Log of our fourth trip of 1989

Blue Rock State Park

Blue Rock, Ohio

June 2-4, 1989

Mileage Start 47,681 --  Home 48,020
Attended:  Dad 21, Meg 6, Matt 5



A bit of a long drive but it looks to be worth it!  Getting into it, long, long drive on a twisty, winding road.  Getting into the park is (in itself) an experience ... but possible.  Entering the actual campground--do not go straight over a concrete ford over a small creek.  I bottomed out on the hitch.  Getting out requires a left turn on a steep hill (whew!).  But the park appears super!  Matt has a friend.  They are both riding all over and (it is too late for us) people are swimming.  Stayed pretty warm all night.  Bed at 10:30 and up at 8:15 (thanks to Matt).


Meg and Matt have both made friends (wonder where they went!).  Looks like a super day but they are talking about rain.  Hope it waits till the beach!  By the way-- there are two campgrounds here.  One we are in and another further down the road.  Spent from 11 to 3 swimming.  Not very warm but tolerable.  matt cave me a scare.  He got very lovey-dovey and just wanted me to hold him.  He turned all gray.  Think he was a bit cold, maybe even hypothermic.  It is easy getting over to the beach, just a short walk.  We took a long walk on some very nice paths, took walks in the park.  It stormed.  We walked over to the beach (barefoot) and the water was crystal clear.  you could see everything in it (including every bandage worn by every kid and the poop from ten (Meg counted them) geese.  When it stormed, three tenters left (roughing it!)


Long walk--we were going to go to the tower but bout a mile and a half and it was still too far.  (Three miles there as the bird flies, more up and down.)  Came home and left.  There is a weird curb exiting the campground.

Further information on Ohio State Parks are available at their website.

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