Log of our fifth trip of 1989

Cedar Point Amusement Park

and Cedar Point Camper's Village

Sandusky, Ohio

June 18-21, 1989


Mileage Start 48,020  --  Home 48,131


Dad - 21
Mom - 33
Megan - 6
Matt - 5

Click any of the images for a higher resolution picture (about 1 meg each)

Sue and Jenny joined us on this excursion!



All you need is lunch meat, PB & J, two loaves of bread, two gallons of milk, one gallon of juice, cereal, breakfast rolls, chips, and 46 pops.

It was very wet!

No swimming this year, brrrrr.  Well, the kids played in the water but there were zero adults in it.  Brrr.  Had dinner at Dominics, the world's best pizza.  Mmmmmmm.  This year's new attraction is the Magnum XL200.  Whew, it is big!  They worked on it all night every night.  Riding it is no problem.  Get to the gate at 9 AM and head for the Magnum first thing.  mom and Sue road the Demon Drop and Gemini.  She wimped out on Magnum.  Mom doesn't do Magnum alone.  Sue and Jen stayed two nights.  matt and Jen road ALL 46 inch rides.  They are just short of 48 inches.  Meg rode Wildcat, Blue Streak, and has ridden every one but Demon Drop and Magnum.  many injuries reported in the press on Magnum.  Two great days, 60% chance first day (it sprinkled 10 minutes), 40% the next (clear-not a cloud).  Fantastic weather but NEED COATS AT NIGHT.  Does not feel like it at lunch but take them!  We have two weeks worth of food left.  Everyone took long naps except Mom.  Up 7:30, leave 8:30 -- NO lines at the entrance.  Short lines inside.  Better than August.  Site 324 has a lot of noise from the Magnum.  No bikes or chairs are needed.  Don't take lots of toys or food.  Good times -- the best!

For up-to-date park maps and information, check the Cedar Point Amusement Park website

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