Log of our ninth trip of 1989

John Bryan State Park

Yellow Springs, Ohio

October 27-29, 1989
Mileage Start 49,608  Home 49,799


Dad 21
Megan 7
Matt 5

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A long drive and it was at the last vestiges of daylight when we pulled in.  There are no sights, you just kind of pull off, backup, or whatever.  This park is a walker's park-absolutely perfect for a dry fall weekend.  It is not back for biking, either--a few hills but in the range of a 5 and 7 year old.  These is one "lowland" picnic area that offers many paths and activities.  It is turning out to be surprisingly warm--almost hot.  Definitely hot in the sun!  The kids are -- I dunno -- weird.  They don't want to do anything.  We took a long bike ride in the morning which may have tired them out too much.  Megan took a nap and that seemed to help a bit.  They both made friends.  Took a walk in the woods and had a nice fire.  Uncle Mike stopped by to visit.  Lots of running.  Megan and Matt and their friends and Megan's glasses got broke for the fourth time.  Boy, will Mom be mad.

Cool nights 40 degrees.  Warm days 75 degrees.  Neat!  Took a real short walk.  Kids played with friends.  By 1040 it is 65 degrees and starting to feel warm in the sun ... the hot sun!

For up-to-date park maps and information, check the Ohio State Park website

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