Log of our first trip of 1990

Caesar Creek State Park

Waynesville, Ohio

January 19, 20 21, 1990
Mileage Start 50,118  Home 50,603
Attended:  Dad
Attending the Packet Forum at Middletown, Ohio

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January 19

This trip was to another packet symposium to be held near Cincinnati on the Middletown campus of Ohio University.  It is my first trip with low band!  I had a super time!  I almost got a two-way into Brooksville.  Rats!  Lots of one-ways but no two ways.

January 20

Interesting symposium but I did not learn much like I did at the last one.  Lots of people wanted to know about MSYS.

January 21

Well, the motorhome began losing power on the way home from the symposium.  I sprayed the carb with cleaner.  I hope it helps!


For up-to-date park maps and information, check the Ohio State Park website for Caesar Creek State Park

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