Log of our Second Trip 1990

Dayton Hamvention

and the Tall Timbers KOA Campground

Brookville, Ohio

April 25 - 29, 1990
Mileage Start 50,603  Home 51,032


Dad - 21 years old
Megan - 7 years old
Matt - 6 years old

Click any of the images for a higher resolution picture (about 1 meg each)


April 25, 1990

We arrived at 1310 hours.  Our site is nice ... not as nice as last time, but nice.  We went fishing and Meg and Matt caught their limit!  Lots of walking, playground.  Went to bed about 11.

April 26, 1990

Up at 8 am.  We got a hold of George, N8LKT, on 40 meters.  We spoke for a while.  Fished and walked, walked, walked, and fished.  No kids until Friday!

April 27, 1990

Went to the Hamfest from 9 am to 3 pm.  There was a long wait for the bus.  Big crowds!  The kids got toys.  Meg got a little electric piano and Matt got a destroyer that makes lots of sounds.  Really stcared about leaving them up at the playground as it is quite away .. but ... I bought a Hustler 80 meter resonator.  Good stuff it is!  Got into the board but I cannot hold the connect.

April 28, 1990

With a Hustler resonator it is at least possible to but still no decent connect.  Went to a boring forum but still had fun.  We had a Nintendo pinball seminar all to ourselves!  Great time.  A thunderstorm at about 7 pm.

April 29, 1990

Probably the best day of the fest.  We went to the ARRL forum and walked the whole inside and rest of the outside.  THE BEST DAYTON EVER!  WE ARE READY TO GO BACK!

For up-to-date park maps and information, check the Dayton Tall TImbers website

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