Log of our third trip of 1990

Buck Creek State Park

to pick up Kelly!

Springfield, Ohio

May 11, 12, 13, 1990
Mileage Start 51,023  --  Home 51,462


Dad - 21
Mom - 35
Megan - 7
Matt - 6

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Buck Creek is a very nice getaway although quite a ways from our home.  The park is aptly named.  There are many deer.

May 11

We are quite excited about this trip.  We are going to Buck Creek State Park, a new one.  on Sunday, we are going to the Springfield Fairgrounds and to a dog show.  After the show we are going to Reynoldsburg, to a breeder's house, to pick up our Irish Wolfhound puppy!

We stopped in Columbus and still made the park with adequate light.  We took a bike ride, made a fire and cooked hot dogs and pizzas.  Matt and I took a long walk.  We cooked marshmallows.  A great long night ... we didn't get to bed until midnight.

May 12

Well ... rain ... lots of rain ... LOTS of rain!  Constant, drenching, pouring rain.  About 2 pm it broke and we went for a walk in a meadow.  We saw three deer not far from us grazing.  Had swifts flying all around and very close.  Neat!  We ate and saw the same deer about 100 to 150 years in the woods.  And then ... rain!

May 13 -- Mother's Day

Rain, rain, rain.  Got to the dog show at about 9 am and had a ball.  We met the parents of the puppy.  We followed them back to Columbus and picked up Kelly!  Neat!  Super!  She laid with Megan or Matt on the couch all the way home.  Just a few whimpers.  We got home, in the grass, and Kelly went potty!  No wetting!  Neat trip!

For up-to-date park maps and information, check the Ohio State Park website for Buck Creek State Park

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