Log of our fourth trip of 1990

A.W. Marion State Park

Chillicothe, Ohio

Jackson Lake State Park

Oak Hill, Ohio

Tar Hollow State Park

Laurelville, Ohio

Alum Creek State Park

Delaware, Ohio

June 11-15, 1990
Mileage Start 51,462  Home 51,984


Dad - 21
Meg - 7
Matt - 6
Kelly - 11 weeks

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June 11 -- A.W. Marion State Park

Our first trip with Kelly!  Super puppy!  11 weeks old.  I was going to leave her home but ... Meg and Matt said we should bring her.  So be it.  She rode great ... we stopped at a Delaware rest area and she peed!  neat!  We continued to the campground ... this is an excellent one or two day stop with well-maintained trails and a well-kept campground in the woods--make sure it is dry as there is little grass.  The sites are gravel.  It has a playground.  Biking in the park is fine for younger kids and road trips should be a lot of fun, too.  Kelly took a one or two mile walk in the woods on a leash.  She had fun.  She is digging the site up looking for roots.

June 12 -- Jackson Lake State Park

A grassy campground close to the small beach is about all this has to offer.  It is a very nice one day stop.  No paths, no trails, no nothings.  Kelly gets more and more comfortable ... she cried a bit when we went to the beach.  Matt was one big walking smile when he began swimming

June 13 -- Tar Hollow State Park

Tar Hollow is a pain in the ass to get into ... if there was a better way to describe the access I would use it.  It was not as bad as Shawnee, but close.  One lane, twisty, windy ... yuck.  However, it has a fantastic beach ... the water is great ... lots of marked trails.  Bring Off!  The other campers are a bit hillbillish but -- neat park.  Sites are marked spots in a field.  nothing to speak of and not all that great for ... A Matt original -- Megan kissing Matt goodnight:  "Hey!  Don't crush your lips on my head!!!!"  We did a lot of swimming and took three or four walks ... a busy day.  OH ... they never came around and collected.  I lost $5 at the last State Park.

June 14 -- Alum Creek State Park

To Alum Creek.  We would have stayed at Tar Hollow except for the forecast of heavy storms.  The site would be mud.  Soooo ... off we go.

June 15

We had a great time at Alum and are back home.  The camper's beaches were flooded so we took a four or five mile bike ride to the other beach.  It is a fairly flat ride.  The kids had no problem with it.

(NOTE:  Update as I transcribe this in 2004 --  Columbus sprawl has made Alum too busy to consider such a bike ride today!)

For up-to-date park maps and information, check the Ohio State Park website

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