Log of our sixth trip of 1990

Yogi Bear Jellystone Park

Mantua, Ohio

July 6-8, 1990


Mileage Start 52,576  --  Home 52,664


Dad - 21
Mom - 43
Megan - 7
Matt - 6
Kelly - 14 weeks


Click any of the images for a higher resolution picture (about 1 meg each)

What a great time for the kids!

We went with Dave Germ, WV8P, his wife (who went home sick), Aaron, Holly, and Daylee, George Ruple, N8LKT, Sue, George, and Mellisa, Penny Gilchrist, Nicky, and Diana.  The weather was warm.  We swam, walked, and had a great time.  You can walk all the way around the campground but the rear is ... almost like a forest service area ... GREAT WALKING.  You get some ying and yangs but other than that it is super quiet and super walking!

For up-to-date park maps and information, check the Mantua Jellystone Campground

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