Log of our ninth trip of 1990

Delaware State Park

Delaware, Ohio

August 20-23, 1990
Dad, Meg, Matt, and Kelly

Start 52,774     End 53,039

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Delaware State Park is a wonderful place to walk.  We seem to have more disasters than normal on Delaware trips but it is still my favorite park..


Well, gosh. A nice site, 144, a nice day, a nice swim ... EXCEPT that Dan, a lifeguard, insisted we park our bikes on the pavement a hundred or so feet away.  Caused me all kinds of grief.  We took long walks on the road because of the mosquitoes ... terrible, horrible swarms of mosquitoes.  They say the ticks are very bad, too, but we have not been in the woods enough I guess.  Mosquitoes!  What beasts!

I have yet to see a tick but believe me, going out means a HEAVY spray of Off is in order!  We went biking, swimming, and what not.  Fun, fun, fun.

We went to a nature trivia game and Megan won!  We went to a movie who's title was "Why Mosquitoes Buzz in Your Ear" and "Paddle to the Sea".  A 10 am walk Sunday was great.

We learned that Water Hemlock was extremely poisonous.

For up-to-date park maps and information, check the Ohio State Park website for Delaware State Park

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