Log of our Fourth Trip 1991

Dayton Hamvention

and the Tall Timbers KOA Campground

Brookville, Ohio

April 14-29, 1991
Mileage Start 50,54,007 Home 54,???


Dad - 21 years old

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April 24

Problem 1 -- A broken fan belt right out of the barn!  At Snow and I-71 I pulled over and got the pieces out.  Problem 2 -- Now I have no alternator.  I started the generator and charged the coach battery.  This, in turn, was used to charge the engine battery --  until it went down, was put back on the generators and then back on the engine, etc.  Once here was the person behind the person who got the last full hookup.  Jeesh!  But, without sewer we are fairing well.  I replaced the belt with a minimum of trouble -- I think.  Chuck Early, K8RSH, and Ray, WD8MHL, have the site next to me.  We are on D7, he is on D6.  I witnessed a hit-skip!  The guy on D8 had a car parked in front of his motorhome, an Escort wagon, newer.  The motorhome is new.  These was a guy who was going to pull into a grassy area between two other sites.  he could not and backed up.  His wife was watching.  He had a caddy with a rounded, long trailer.  He backed the trailer into the car.  He then went around and pulled in the other way.  I asked the woman if she knew she hit the car.  She said "yes".  I wrote down their license plate number of the car and knocked on the motorhome door.  No one came and I left.  Later, I saw someone in the motorhome and spoke with them.  I looked at the car and site with them and found the car and camper had left!  The local police were called and information was given to Sgt. Rick D. Broomhall.  He indicated they got a refund and left.  He had all theinfo he needed ... he he.  Problem 4 -- the charging circuit on my Model 1500 computer quit.  I was made packet inactive.  I managed to build another supply.  Jeesh!

April 26

Neat day ... got to most places at least once and normally more times.  A good day at the Dayton Hamfest!  And a new FT-470, too!

April 27

A super day!  Another trip around the fleamarket-stopping at every table!  A trip around the inside.  A great day.

April 28

A great Sunday.  I got up at 0530 and left on the first bus out.  I was the only one on the bus!  When I got there ... I was the only one in the fleamarket!  It was not until 8 am that things began moving.  I stayed for the prize drawing ... right up to the very end!  I left the camp about 1530 and became stuck at 1630 outside of Springfield.  I threw another belt and this one took them all off!  I called for OSHP who called a road service company who but the belts on wrong.  At about 2100 I pulled into the 79 CMH West truck stop.  The guy was still working on it at 0016 ... the belts were all screwed up.

Jeesh ... 4 am home - food - grrr

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