click for a larger iimageLog of our third trip of 1991

Hocking Hills State Park

Logan, Ohio

Burr Oak State Park

Glouster, Ohio

Lake Hope State Park

McArthur, Ohio

April 1-4, 1991
Mileage Start 53,509  --  Home 54,007
Attended:  Dad, Megan, Matt

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A nice trip to Ohio's hill country.  Matt wrote out this log!


Click for a larger imageThe following is by Matt:

We found a new way to the beach and time to go.  We almost like the plas and the echo

From the back of site 24, you can yell all across the lake and get a very impressive --REAL-- echo!  You can also, when the lake is low, go down to the lake from behind those sites and walk the shore to the beach.

April 1

Click for a larger imageWell, we just left home.  And boy is it nice.  There are a lot of cliffs, caves, and stairs at Hocking Hills State Park.  I don't think we have ever been to a state park like this one before.  And Old Man's Cave was a great big hike.  We saw water falls that were realneat.  And there are more fun trails, and other neat things to see.  If we had a little more time, we could hike all the trails there.  We definitely need to come back!  Inside the campground there are good bike riding areas.  Outside the campground it is harder to bike.

April 2

We're at Lake Hope State Park.  It is nice.  We got caught in a circle and Megan had to get out and make sure that we didn't hit anything.  Do not go here in a big motorhome when it is busy.  There are electric sites.  It would be a long way to the beach.  And outside the park it is hilly.

Well, we just got back from a very long walk.  We saw a very old furnace that was fun.  We was a cave.  We walked on a back pack trail.  We just got back from another walk and it was fun.  We saw a caved in road.  It was fun.  We saw a living plant.  We just got back from calling Mom and we're all tired.  Time for bed!  We called Mom.  Now we are going to another park.

April 3

We're at Burr Oak State Park and there are a lot of hills.  We just got back from a long bike ride to check-in and then to the beach.  We had to walk up a lot of hils and go down them, too.


For up-to-date park maps and information, check the Ohio State Park website for Hocking Hills, Burr Oak, and Lake Hope

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