Log of our second trip of 1992

Delaware State Park

Delaware, Ohio

February 1-4, 1992
Mileage Start 57,525 --  Home 57,782
Attended:  Dad (21), Matt (8), and Kelley (2)

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Delaware is our favorite park.  It is remote enough to keep the yuppies away and still has ample walking trails.


Probably our BEST  winter trip ever.  It was 40 degrees coming down and then it snowed about four inches.  It then went sunny and 20 degrees for the rest of the trip.  Just perfect for winter walking and we walked and walked and walked and walked.  Just perfect.  We even took a midnight stroll in the woods!  It was perfect.  The ice on the lake was all pushed up on this bank.  The otter is still home and the groundhogs are busy keeping their dens neat.


For up-to-date park maps and information, check the Ohio State Park website

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