Log of our ninth trip of 1992

Algonquin Provincial Park

Whitney, Ontario, Canada

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

August 3-14, 1992
Mileage Start 59,365 --  Home 60,349
Attended:  Dad, Megan-9, Matt-8

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We stopped at the Niagara KOA.  $28 Canadian/night.  A two hour swim in the pool slowed the kids down.  They have three times their normal rainfall and it shows.  The camp is largely under water.

In Algonquin.  In a forest.  It is hard to see the sky.  The quiet is amazing.  The quiet of quiet.  The dark of dark.  We walked, canoed, biked.  We are at Kerney Lake site 155.  We had a devil of a time getting to it but now there we are fine.  We can take on water and let the generator run two to two and a half hours a day to keep things charged.  We have been showering or swimming each day.

Algonquin is nothing short of amazing.  No where on earth could such a place exist.  Examination of the registry on the Spruce Bog Trail tends to bear that out.  We took those two trails but there are a dozen more.  We took two canoe trips into the interior.  One, our first, went to an island.  The island next to the stream that feeds Hartley Lake.  There are two sites and we camped on the north site.  We found, on approaching the island, an otter past 20 feet in front of our canoe.  We made chase.  He responded by sitting on a log and watching us while we watched him. Hence, the unnamed island is now "Our Otter Island".  At 12 midnight we were awoken by wolves howling in the distance.  We heard them again at 2 AM and at 4 AM.  We heard them on our return trip.  Amazing.  Others?  While walking to Kerney Lake's island/peninsula, we spied a beaver not fifty feet away.  We watched for some time until the beaver slammed its tail when we neared.  We watched a bear watch us across a beaver meadow.  We took a second trip with Mike, Ruth, and Chris (7) to Lake Tannamakoon but were annoyed by motorboats.  Stay away from camps, cottages, and lakes with boats.  OH!  On "Our Otter Island" we were awakened by a moose clomping outside our tent.  Didn't see the bugger but we tried.  He left prints.  Oh ... Moose ... tons and tons of moose.  An loons.  And ducks.  And gray jays.  And chipmunks.  And squirrel.  and ... and ... and



For up-to-date park maps and information, check the  The Ohio State Park website for Alum Creek State Parks

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