Log of our eighth trip of 1993

Brooksville, Florida (Gram and Gramp)

Kennedy Space Center

Cape Kennedy, Florida

Homosassa State Park

Homosassa Springs, Florida

Patriot's Point

Charlotte, South Carolina

June 18-25, 1993


Mileage Start 62,417 --  Home 64,603



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What a great time for the kids!

We arrived to hot, muggy, temperatures.  It stayed that way all week.  Were it not for Grandpa's pool, things would have been horrible.  And in the pool was where we stayed.

We did go to Kennedy Space Center and take the tour.  It is a long and tedious drive across the panhandle.  However, it is really worth it ... at least once.

We also found that Homosassa Springs was no longer private.  It is now a Florida State Park.  Gone are the main reasons for going and now it is simply a place to go to see a small zoo.  Very disappointing.  However, if the choice was to close of make it a state park, then they did good.

I-95 was much better as a route.  We stopped in Charlotte, South Carolina and saw the Patriot's Point Park.  In this park were a number of Navy ships open to the public.  This includes the aircraft carrier Yorktown, a destroyer, a submarine, a Coast Guard cutter, and a merchant ship.  Well worth the visit.  They also had a Viet Nam Naval Support Base reconstructed.  Excellent.  Wish I could have spent more time with a number of video tapes they had.  The kids are still too young.

We left Cleveland at 1300 or so, drove to South Carolina (to midnight) and pulled into a rest area.  We saw Patriot's Point they drove to Dad's.

We left Florida at about 1300 and drive to Virginia, the Virginia Welcome Center which limits stays to two hours!  We stayed six.  Got up and drove the other seven hours home.

Fezziwig LOVED to hunt chameleons.  "FEZZIWIG!  THE LIZARD HUNTER!"  Fezz went swimming.  Berger got pushed in (once). 

For up-to-date park maps and information, check the Cedar Point Amusement Park website

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