Log of our second trip of 1994

Buck Creek State Park

Springfield, Ohio

February 6-11, 1994


Mileage Start 67,485  --  Home 67,824


Dad - 21 - ALONE!

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A OPOTA School Trip.  Note that the teachers were indicted not long after this school.  They were accused of providing answers to certification tests.  It isn't only the school that is rotten.

A required OPOTA school forced me out.  As OPOTA (Ohio Police Officer Training Academy)  is an embarrassment to Ohio and the profession, I need somewhere to stay.  The dorms at OPOTA are filthy and the physical plant is a pit.  So, here we are.  There are not just deer here, there are herds of deer.  Springfield has a big mall.  On Tuesday we had the mother of all ice storms.  Four to six inches of ice is still on the road in many places and certainly in the camp.  The school was incredibly boring but the stay ... sure was nice in the motorhome.

For up-to-date park maps and information, check the Ohio State Park website

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