Log of our Fifth Trip 1994

Dayton Hamvention

and the Tall Timbers KOA Campground

Brookville, Ohio

April 25-May 1, 1994
Mileage Start 68,507 Home 68,937


Dad - 21 years old

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Prior to the trip we fixed the trailer, having had a new spindle welded on.  A test drive of 10-15 miles showed it to be OK.  Sitting here as anxious to leave as the baby squirrel by the garage is to see me go.

What a trip!  It took us 12 hours to get here.  Mike started showing a transmission leak.  We stopped in Mansfield and they replaced his pan gasket.  After that, he showed it leaking again but made it to Dayton ... whew!  In Dayton, the prognosis was that is was simply overheating.  Wow.

Squish, squish, squish, squish.  The above is the ONLY way to describe Dayton 94.  It rained HARD all day Friday and Saturday.  The flea market was virtually shut down.  By Sunday there were but half to a quarter of the flea market left and Sunday turned out to be cold and windy.  On the way back, the fuel pump went out.  Got it replaced but what a pain.

A great Dayton, other than the rain.

For up-to-date park maps and information, check the Dayton Tall Timbers website

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