Log of our fifth trip of 1995

King's Island Amusement Park

King's Mills, Ohio

Pleasant Hill MCWD

Perrysville, Ohio

August 21-25, 1995

Mileage Start 74,772 --  Home 74,920


Attended:  Dad, Matt

Click any of the images for a higher resolution picture (about 1 meg each)

We're back at PKI for a few more days.  We can swim and park at will ... no rush ... no fuss.  On the way back I wanted to stop at Delaware SP but Mike insisted on Pleasant Hill.  I'm not so pleasant.  The sites are not level, the beach closes at 7 PM.  The mosquitoes are awful, the sites are small, it is loud, etc., etc.  Phooey!  Last time for Pleasant Hill although Matt sure likes it:  There are a lot of girls.

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