Log of our seventh trip of 1995

Delaware State Park

Delaware, Ohio
November 5-7, 1995

Mileage Start 75,409 --  Home 75,658


Attended:  Dad and Kelley

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A test trip with the new engine

We arrived on Sunday and it was beautiful.  Burger and I walked the whole park campground.  Only loop B was open.  We saw deer, hawks, lots of neat stuff.  On Monday we walked to the beach and followed the shore to the picnic areas and marina.  We then took the mink run trail home.  A great time!

But ...

Then ...

It hurt so bad I couldn't walk.  I was sooooooooo sore.  We rested until Tuesday evening when we took a short walk.  Tuesday's walk was better.  We went for a shorter walk and then a moonlit walk.  Very nice!

For up-to-date park maps and information, check the Ohio State Park website

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