Log of our thirteenth trip of 1996


December 26-January 2, 1996


Mileage Start 82,193 --  Home 83,558




Dad, Mom, Meg, Matt, Kelly, Fezziwig

Click any of the images for a higher resolution picture (about 1 meg each)


We drove about eight hours from North Olmsted to south of Washington, D.C., to a place called Aquia Pines Campground in Stafford, Virginia.  Nice camp but very, very hilly.  Washington, D.C. looks very doable from here.


Washington, D.C. to Hatteras.  A beautiful, clear day until we got close to Hatteras and it clouded over.  We went for a beach walk and went swimming.  A nice day.


Still Camp Hatteras.


We've been swimming each morning and playing all day.  Yesterday it was beautiful!  66 degrees and sunny.  Natch, I got burnt.  We spent lots of time flying kites.  The kids had a ball flying Trilbys.  We went to Kitty Hawk Kites and, natch, the salesman wouldn't let me leave until I bought a new kite.


Now with a new kite I did not have enough wind to fly it.  We spent the day looking at houses and checking out the south end of the island.


Matt is 13 now.  No longer a teenie bopper.  We looked at quite a few houses and then went to eat.  Finding most restaurants closed at 5 PM we started shopping.  We stopped at Kitty Hawk Kites, went up to Jockey's Ridge State Park and flew kites.  Matt had a ball.  He reported it was a great birthday.


Spent most of the morning flying kites.  Went to Kitty Hawk.  Checked out the Hatteras Light at night.


Although home in 13 hours, we hit no delays.  Very, very, very unusual


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