Log of our second trip of 1997


March 27-April 4, 1997


Mileage Start 83,558 --  Home 85,038




Dad 21, Mom 39, Meg 16, Matt 12, Kelly 8, Fezziwig 6

Click any of the images for a higher resolution picture (about 1 meg each)

Matt crabbed and complained about coming to the NC Outer Banks.  In fact, he demanded he be left at Gramma's house.

That was before.

This is now.

Matt leaves the box about five minutes after eating and doesn't come back, unless forced, for hours.  Sometimes not before 2230.  Matt found out there were girls here.  Lots of girls.  Lots to choose from.  In fact, Matt even lost the letter attached to the next page.  In it, Becky Rayburn reports he is a great kisser.

A nice, do-nuthin' trip.


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