Log of our sixth trip of 1997

Mohican State Park

Loudenville, Ohio
October 2-6, 1997


Mileage Start 865 --  Home 956


Attended:  Dad, Kelley

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They sent me to a Sunday-Monday public records school which allowed me to change my regular day off to Friday and take a half day off on Thursday.  The last time we were at Mohican the kids were VERY little.  This time brings back a flood of memories.  Since our last trip they've put many dollars into Mohican.  They now have 33 nice, full hookup sites.  D'Berge and I took many long walks in the woods.  The only walks I would caution against is the one to Two Lyons Falls.  They have some very steep, extended climbs.  The trail along the river is very nice.  There is a cut-off that goes back to the nature center but there is a BIG climb.  The trail from the bridge to the dam is nice.  Apparently due to El Nino, this has been a VERY dry fall.  The park was full!  My school was OK.  Rather be retired.  Time to come home and fight with Megan and Matthew.

For up-to-date park maps and information, check the Ohio State Park website

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