Log of our Fifth Trip 1998

The Baseball Hall of Fame

Cooperstown, PA

Old Sturbridge Village


Acadia National Park


June 20-July 5, 1998
Mileage Start 3,818    Home 5,782




Dad - 21
Mom - 28
Megan - 15
Matt - 14
Megan's friend Jason - 17
Kelley - 8 (56 years)
Fezziwig - 6 (42 years)

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We are at 4,270 at the Herkimer KOA.  The place is OK but nothing super.  It is NOT near the freeway but seven miles up Route 28.  It is BETTER than the KOA in Cooperstown.  There is a MAJOR hill south of Herkimer.

<the following is written by matt>


Left home at 12:00 PM.  Long drive to Herkimer but got two naps in.  We arrived at the KOA and low and behold heavy downpour, thunder, and lightning is waiting for us.  On the same day it dried up.  Stayed inside the camper and played several games.  Zero women sighed and zero punks sighted.


I woke up about 10 AM, at breakfast, took a shower, and immediately got in the car for a drive to the Baseball Hall of fame.  The drive was worth it.  The BHOF was astonishing.  I had to think twice about holding it up and taking everything in it.  Cooperstown was a great place to visit but it would be a drag to live there.  Came back to the KOA.  Shot some hoops, played rummy, went to sleep.  Zero women sighted.  Three punks sighted.


Woke up at 10 AM and left for Boston.  This is up to date.

<the following is written by Megan>


I am sitting at a picnic table recalling our trip thus far.  It goes something like this ... We arrived in Herkimer, NY in torrential rain to find a campsite with a rapidly rising river behind it.  Besides that, however, the KOA was peachy.  We visited Cooperstown.  It was nice but not someplace I would like to return to.  I can say I've been there.  It was approximately 85-95 degrees in NY.

On to Massachusetts.  No actually ... to Mass.  The Yogi Bear has a bumpy roadway system ... but other than that is pretty great.  It is accented by a petting zoo, including LLAMAS!  Kelley found some of the animals to be entertaining while others were repulsive (i.e. the donkey looking for a mate).  Thus far, the trip has been highlighted by an attempt of the gods to strike me dead with lightning.  They failed, however.   Tomorrow we are off to Old Sturbridge Village.  I guess that is all for now.

<the following is by Jason>


This is Jason.  I'm here in the Winnie and writing this because Megan said I could.

<the following is by Megan>


We are still at Yogi Bear.  Yesterday we went to Old Sturbridge Village.  I found it to be VERY interesting.  All of the exhibits and people were entertaining and yet informative.  many screaming, obnoxious children, however.  Matt was particularly fond of a young bull who wanted to play with a lamb.  We played Putt-Putt after we returned.  It was also entertaining.  We seem to be relaxing today ... it is nice.  I guess that is about all for now.


We have since left Yogi Bear, as a matter of fact, we are leaving for Main today.  We sent to Boston, and I personally loved the place!  The only problem I found was the rapidly decaying buildings.  Yesterday, we went to the Roger Williams Park Zoo.  It was nice, save all the screaming toddlers.  Normandy Farms is a VERY nice campground.  The pools (four ... one indoor, one with a diving board, two others), many sports fields, and a tour leaving from the campground.  The guy leading the tour was very entertaining.  Speaking of zoos, we have been to the Cleveland, Cincinnati, Toledo, Columbus, Philadelphia, Pittsburg, Roger Williams Park, and Toronto zoos, and that is all.  Well, I guess I'm done now.


We are in Maine now.  So far, we have been up to Cadillac Mountain (tallest mountain on the U.S. east coast), walked some carriage roads, driven an audio tour, walked on rocks, found a cave, and some other important stuff.  Today, we are going on a whale watch!(!!)  Exciting!  The campground is nice, but I prefer Algonquin to Acadia.


We will be leaving for home today.  The whale watch was a very good experience, and I enjoyed it quite a bit.  We went into Bar Harbor ... it is a tourist town, but a nice one with stores like Eden Rising and Cool-As-A-Moose.  Even thought we weren't upset (because we didn't plan on watching them) many other people were when fog rolled in and the fireworks were cancelled (they were rescheduled for tonight).  Kelley had been sleeping on the bed with Mom and Dad for a few nights but they kicked her off last night.  I guess that is about all.  The trip has been a good one in my opinion.  Matt doesn't think so, but he misses his friends back home.  Having someone with me has been nice.  Hopefully Dad (21) will let me do it again (hint hint).  Alright, that's all ... over and out.

Follows are pictures from Cooperstown, Boston and Arcadia NP and our whale boat trip.




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