Log of our Seventh Trip 1998

Carson Long Military Academy

New Bloomsburg, PA

The Grand Canyon of PA

The Elk of Benzette, PA

August 12-21, 1998
Mileage Start 6,795      Home 7,653




Dad - 21 years old and Kelly Berger

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August 15

There are two campgrounds near Carlisle.  The first is ... the Carlisle Campground.  It is on the way to Carson Long school.  That's where I'm at.  Although not a pit, it leaves a lot to be desired.  There are many permanent residents here, most are quite down on their luck.  I went to check on the other one, a western themed camp.  It  seemed much better.

Matt, Mom, Fezziwig, and Aunt Pat arrived on August 14 to check out Carson Long.  I was FLOORED that Matt liked it.  Wow!

Spent time working on web pages, put a lock on the bathroom door for Mom, and put a bungee on the coffee pot.  Did a lot of exploring.  Went to Little Buffalo State Park.  VERY nice.  They preserve not only the park but the history of the area.  Too darn bad pets are prohibited from PA state parks.

August 16

Spent some time exploring the Grand Canyon of PA.  It is GRAND!  Took a very nice drive around it.  Had to wait for two large turkeys to get out of the way.  Saw two herds of deer.  About 40 percent dirt roads but they were not bad.  Bikes are a necessity here.  I need to bring Mary and Megan back!

Just back from eating at the Wellsboro Diner.  A very good meal.  The diner is just as it was 40 years ago.  Same tables, chairs, etc.

August 17 and 18

Well, Wolf's Camping Resort isn't even owned by a Wolf.  Ain't that something.  Cook's Forest and Clear Creek State Park are VERY nice.  There are tons of trails to explore, 200 foot red pine -- they aren't kidding.  A whole forest of 200 foot high trees.  Awesome!

Stopping by a local sporting goods place to get me into a town called Benezette.  They say they have elk there.

August 19

They had HERDS of elk.  Go into the town and across from the local gas station is a set of roads.  One, the paved one, goes up a mountain.  Saw lots and lots and lots of elk.  A two hour drive, though.


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