Log of our Sixth Trip 1998

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan

August 6-9 1998
Mileage Start 5,789     Home 6,795




Dad - 21 years old, Megan 15, and Kelly Berger

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<the following was written by Megan>

We are at Clear Lake State Park and it is a rather disappointing and crowded place.  Went for a drive and saw about six to eight deer ... a wild turkey with chicks ... and what may have been a moose butt.  Very disappointing.  Roads were unpaved and terribly bumpy.  BLAH!  Leaving tomorrow for ... ?

Start:  To:  Michigan.  Newbury KOA

The KOA is very nice ... and cheaper than the state park.  We went to Seney National Wildlife Refuge and saw a beaver, some loons, some trumpeter swans, and a juvenile eagle.

Quite interesting.  Today we went and saw Tacky Wacky Falls and some of its campgrounds.  The falls weren't much to see ... but the campground was nice.  We also went to Whitefish Point .. an expensive museum ... but I guess it was okay.  Tomorrow we are heading to Maumee and will be leaving either Monday or Tuesday for home while Dad and Kelley stay there.  Too bad he has to take me home ... he would like to stay.  I feel bad.  The U.P. is a nice place ... but no Algonquin.


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