Log of our Fourth Trip 1999

The Very Large Array

Rock Trip West

Petrified Forest National Park

Crater Lake

Grand Canyon National Park

Monument Valley National Park

Canyonlands National Park

Arches National Park

June 11-July 2, 1999
Mileage Start 9,606     Home 14,228
Total mileage with 1,580 miles on the car was 6,202 miles




Megan's Friend Jason Randel

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<the following is written by Megan>


We left after I (Megan) found my address book (very important).  We drove eight or nine hours (I slept four of them).  We stopped at a Wal Mart in Vandalia (somewhere in nowheresville, Indiana ... I've come to the conclusion that there is nothing in Illinois at 11 PM central time, midnight real time.


We woke up at 7ish and left at 8 AM.  Today is Jason's B-Day, he is 18.  We are driving toward St. Louis now, and plan to stop in Oklahoma somewhere ... maybe in Texas.  Going through Oklahoma now ... we saw two or three fires in the distance, including a grass (brush) fire.  We saw tornado damage, too ... that was neat.  We are cruisin' at 70 mph, about nine miles from Texas.  Stopped in a Wal Mart parking lot in Amarillo.


We left around 7:30'ish this morning.  Planned to camp at the Armenian RV Park in Albuquerque.  Got to the RV park .. nice.  It had a modem hookup.  Went to the top of the Sandia Mountain (10,900 feet) and found the end of a rainbow!!!


Long day!  We went to the VLA (Very Large Array) and it indeed had a very large array.  Cool though! Then went to El Morr National Monument.  Very historical.  Lots of old signatures in rock, but it was neat.  Leaving tomorrow for a petrified party.


We've been to the petrified forest ... which was neat.  We saw a ton of petrified wood and also saw the painted desert.  We went and saw a huge meteor crater yesterday.  The KOA here is nice ... it fills up at night.  no real place to walk the dogs, though.  The people here are very friendly.  This morning we are leaving to go to the Grand Canyon.  Tomorrow we drive into Las Vegas to pick up Mom and Matt and then go on the Hoover Dam tour.


We've been at the Grand Canyon for a bit now, and have done a lot.  Matt, Jason, and myself walked down into the canyon a ways.  Mom and Dad have walked the rim trail quite a piece and plan to finish tomorrow.  We've seen lizards, deer, elk, snakes, tons of birds, and a assortment of other animals.  Las Vegas airport was contrary to Gram and Gramps, a nightmare.  Las Vegas itself is equal to the bowels of hell.  It was hotttttt!!!  107!!!


We've been in Monument Valley for three days now.  Immense rock formations scatter the land.  We took a tour which was good because the station wagon could not have handled it ... very bumpy.  It is very hot and dusty.  Lots of small roadside booths with handmade goods in them.  We have a tire problem.  The inside tire is very worn.  It was changed by we are still going to a place in Moab to have it looked at.  Right now, we are on the road to Moab ... to Arches and Canyonlands.

<the following is by Matt>


A guy in Wiggins, Colorado says to stay at Chico Hot Springs in Yellowstone.

Began trip to North Olmsted.  I believe the majority of the group is fed up with any rock formation or structure.  It was not until we entered Nebraska that we found out we would rather be observing rocks than driving through cow dung infested farms of Nebraska.  Megan drove about five hours.  She had a death grip on the steering wheel to say the least.  Fezziwig has become extremely sensitive to beeping noises that the generator creates.  I tried to explain rank and position in my school but I don't know if it got through.  It was a very detailed conversation.  The western hillbillies are ... weird to say the least.  They actually scare me!  Hopefully we'll make it home by tomorrow night.



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