Log of our first trip of 2000

---  Darn if I Remember! ___

Somewhere in NW Ohio

March 23 to 27, 2001
Mileage Start 16,672  Home 17,073
Attended:  Dad and baby S5˘fritz

We went to investigate a run of three dog shows that had a good entry for German Shepherd Dogs.  Darn if I remember where we went, though!

This was S5˘fritz's first ever camping trip.  She managed to get under my feet on the way here which resulted in a thrill and a half.  On March 24 she went to her first dog show and it was obvious it was the darndest thing she ever saw.  She slept through her second show -- she slept soundly -- until best of breed.  She was thrown out of her third show due to a rule prohibiting dogs under three months old.  That ended dog shows for the Wolfs!

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