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Log of our fifth trip of 2003  

Punderson State Park

Newbury, Ohio

Mary at the fire Camp Office:  (440) 564-1195
Park Office:  (440) 564-2279
October 24 to 26, 2003
Mileage Start 28,157
Arrive 28,263
Home 28,375
Attended:  Dad, Mom, Megan,
Gracie Allen, 5˘fritz, Fezziwig and our grand-pug Eleanor (aka Persiphony)

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Punderson, although it has a very poorly designed Campground, is a winter wonderland.  It has ample snow and things to do in the snow.  It's the only or at least the only close-to-Cleveland electrical-available winter camp. It is about an hour east of North Olmsted, Ohio.


Click for a larger image.  Look for the hawk.Punderson State Park campground sites suck.  They simply suck.  Level is a word that apparently had not been invented when the park was built.  The electrical capacity is as bad as can be.  You're lucky to get 10 amps from a 15 or 20 amp outlet.  This is our fate in northeast Ohio.  Many years ago, after the passage of a park support tax issue, the State promised electric-equipped sites would be added to Findlay State Park.  They lied.  So all we have in the winter is Punderson.  Further east is Mosquito, Geneva, and Pymatuning but they aren't as convenient. Punderson has five full hookup sites.  In the summer they sport trailers the park rents out.  In the winter all you get is a 50 amp outlet.  Bring plenty of leveling boards even if you have levers, as the front of the RV has to be a good two feet off the ground to allow the RV to be level.  Take another site and you'll be both off level and not have the power.

Gracie finds out about woodchuck hiding spots!Outside of being convenient, Punderson, when not crowded, has wonderful walking.  The October leaf change is magnificent.  The October Apple Butter Festival in Burton is worth visiting.  If the fall is dry enough, hike the many walking paths.  In the winter the paths are still open as they are used by snowmobiles who keep the snow packed.  Snowmobiles are not allowed in the campground and the rangers are above average in attending to such matters.  There is a GREAT sledding and tobogganing hill.  There are many paths for cross country skiing. 

This particular trip began with the forecast for many days of rain.  Friday turned out sunny with a crystal clear night.  We had many fine walks.  We cooked a nice hot-dog dinner on a roaring fire.  Saturday gave us spotty showers that allowed for more nice walks.  Gracie found out that swale pipes often house groundhogs and now has a new mission.  We visited Newbury and Middlefield, Ohio and found almost all the restaurants had changed hands then closed since our last trip!  We stopped for lunch at Belle's on the traffic circle in Newbury.  We had a fine lunch and recommend the diverse menu and regular prices.  However, our experience is that the next time we stop there will have a new owner.

For up-to-date park maps and information, check the Ohio State Park website for Punderson State Park

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