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Log of our first trip of 2005

Punderson State Park

Newbury, Ohio

 Camp Office:  (440) 564-1195
Park Office:  (440) 564-2279
January 7-9, 2005
Mileage Start 29,424
Home 29,525
Miles:  101


Attended:  Dad, Mom, Gracie Allen, 5˘fritz, Fezziwig

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Punderson, although it has a very poorly designed Campground, is a winter wonderland.  It has ample snow and things to do in the snow.  It's the only or at least the only close-to-Cleveland electrical-available winter camp. It is about an hour east of North Olmsted, Ohio.


Two dogs, one stickA trip scheduled for last week was aborted.  Seven inches of snow was topped by two hours of steady rain then another five inches of snow.  It then went to 20 degrees.  WOW!  We were frozen in solid.  A warm front broke things free but we then had another snow/rain mix that coated everything with ice.  We are carrying a great deal of ice on the roof.

While site 13 is nowhere near level, it does have a 50 amp pedestal and eliminates running cords all over the campground.  So,  here we are somewhat tilted but quite warm.  The roads are clear and dry but everything else has a crunchy coating of snow and ice.  I am out early awaiting Mom's arrival.  All three dogs accompanied me.

ALERT!  Winter storm warning!  Hoooorrrrraaaayyyyy!  We are supposed to get 1-4 inches of snow (and sleet) then it is supposed to clear up.  Neat stuff!

And it did snow!  Look at the pictures!  It looked like it was going to be a sloppy, muddy weekend.  Then, overnight, the whole picture changed!  We took a nice walk in the snow applying the proper amount of "tired" to "not tired" dogs to get the proper result of a sleeping dog.

A very nice winter weekend.

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Up the water tower hill

But then, it all went to poop.  See the page about our power steering pump failure.


For up-to-date park maps and information, check the Ohio State Park website for Punderson State Park

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