Log of our Fourth Trip 2005

Dayton Hamvention

and the Tall Timbers KOA Campground

Brookville, Ohio


May 19-23, 2004
Mileage Start 29,725   --  End 30,156 -- Total -- 431 miles





Dad -- 21 years old

Mom -- 22 years old

Fritz -- 5.5 years
Gracie -- just a baby


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May 19

Click for a larger imageIt was a wonderful trip down until just before we hit Dayton.  It started pouring.  It poured the whole way in.  Luckily, we had a pull through site and we pulled through ... and sat awaiting the end of the rain.  It didn't stop.  It rained and rained and rained some more.  We had a lake outside the motorhome.  We did the movie thing.

May 20

I was up early and into the Hamvention.  I had a wonderful time but wonder if the Hamvention is becoming pointless.  In the past, when I wanted a meter I went to Dayton and investigated all the many types.  I collected data on options and decided on the second or third day what meter was the most appropriate.  Now, I did all the research before leaving home.  I checked on what meters are available.  I knew who would be there and, for the most part, what meters would be available at the Hamvention.  I knew what they looked like.  I knew what functions they performed.  I went to Dayton to collect the already selected meter.  I took only a few hours to see the sights and collect a number of things from my list and I was back.

We took the puppies for a walk at Sycamore State Park.  We had a great walk.  Even though the rain still made the paths damp, there wasn't too much mud.  Back in the motorhome we found three almost dead ticks so the Frontline was working well.

We stopped to visit with Heidi, WD8EFK, and Tom, WD8EFF, camped not far from us.  We were on site 36 and that is highly recommended for the Hamvention.

May 21

Click for a larger imageRather than go to the Hamvention I went to Mendelssohn's Surplus and collected about $300.00 in parts.  It ended up costing me &74.00.  I finally managed to find a reasonably priced replacement for door switches for traffic signal cabinets.  Neat stuff.


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Click for a larger image.We found Golden Gate Park in Brookville.  The back of the park gives access to the Wolf Creek Rail-to-Trail.  We took the puppies on three mile walk east into Brookville.  Brookville put the skate park in the right spot.  They put it next to the police station.  Then worn, we left them in the motorhome and took the bikes to the east for an eleven mile ride.  During the ride we saw:

  • A farm with five windmills

  • A small private plane only a hundred or so feet over the path (on its way to landing)

  • A biplane doing acrobatics

  • Horses (lots of em)

  • Donkeys

  • Goats (some BIG goats)

  • Pigs

  • CowsClick for a larger image

  • Click for a larger image
    There are big farms out here.  We had a very nice bike ride.  We topped off the night with a trip to Dairy Queen.  We verified that they still have mediocre ice cream.  Had another visit with Tom, WD8EFF.

    May 22

    Sunday was cooler with a threat of rain.  I went into the Hamvention and stayed through the drawing sitting with Tom, WD8EFF, and Heidi, WD8EFK.  We were not lucky enough to win anything.  On getting back to the campground we found it was supposed to rain the rest of the day and on Monday.  We decided to head home.  We're thinking that Buck Creek might be better next year.  It sure beats a crowded KOA.  When doing nothing but Hamvention, the KOA is OK but otherwise the State Park is a nicer atmosphere.

    Sycamore State Park coordinates for the parking lot are 39.47.992 by 84.22.533

    Golden Gate Park is at 39.50.488 by 84.25.314

    The KOA is at 39.51.536 by 84.23.216.


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