Click for a larger imageLog of our fifth trip of 2005

Maumee Bay State Park

Oregon, Ohio

June 3-5, 2005
Mileage Start 30,156
Home 30,349
Total 193



Attended:  Dad 21, Mom 22, Megan 19, Fritz 5, beautiful little Gracie Allen 3, and Eleanor who is almost 4

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Looking up for the kite, look at larger version.  The string will tell you what happened.June 3

While the park is busy, it's not at all bad.  The weather hasn't been too bad but they keep telling us about a threat of rain.  We arrived, took a long walk with the poochies, and then went out to eat.  After we got back, we sat outside.  Steve flew kites.  (He's looking for one in the picture.  If you enlarge it you'll see the string.  The kite is in a tree to the left.)  Mary read.  We put up the wind sculptures above.  The one is on a 33 foot pole, the other is on a 16 foot pole.

Fritz is eating firewood in the picture.  One piece for the fire ... one piece for Fritz.






June 4

Today was dog show day.  Our purpose was to evaluate the Norwalk Terrier to see what type of dog it really is.  Off we went only to find that we were taken by the Norwich Terrier.  While there was but one Norwalk, there were ten Norwich.  We chatted with a number of breeders about upcoming litters.  Meggie and Persiphony came out to visit.  After the dog show we were in need of a long nap.

We took a very long walk with the dogs.  Fritz and Gracie were fine, but they are in good shape, the pinnacle of puppyhood (so to speak).  But ole Persiphony ... well, she just plum tuckered out.  We had to take a number of breaks while she recovered.

June 5

Today will be our first real day of summer as temperatures are slated to hit 90.  Our weather before this was just plain cool, wet, and early spring-like.  We have the big wind sculpture up on the 33 foot pole and it says the wind is there.  Trying to get a kite up indicates that might not be the case at ground zero. 

We took a nice medium length walk.  First we soaked down Persiphony so she'd be cooler.  On the way back we spotted a snake in the middle of the road sunning himself.  We suggested to the snake he move but the darn thing thought otherwise.  We harassed him off the road, saving his life.  He has another opinion of the events.

We had a very nice trip.

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