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Punderson State Park

Newbury, Ohio
Camp Office:  (440) 564-1195
Park Office:  (440) 564-2279


March 23-26, 2006
Mileage:     Start 31,465     Home 31,556     Miles:  91


Attended:  Dad, Gracie Allen

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Punderson, although it has a very poorly designed Campground, is a winter wonderland.  It has ample snow and things to do in the snow.  It's the only or at least the only close-to-Cleveland electrical-available winter camp. It is about an hour east of North Olmsted, Ohio.


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March 23

I took off Friday with the weekend off through Monday.  Arriving Thursday, we (Gracie and I) were lucky enough to get site 13 and the electric it provides.  This is a study trip.  Not much planned but walking and hitting the books.  Oh, and returning home to attend a City Council meeting on the decimation of the Police Department.  During an evening walk we heard three or four owls calling back and forth.  I tried calling to them.  I must have the wrong owl-accent as I was ignored.

March 24

A hawk on a tree in back of the next site over is waiting for a squirrel.  Gracie saw the squirrel rummaging through our site.  I went out and chased the hawk away.  Lunchus interuptus!  Ten minutes later I noticed activity in the woods behind us.  It was that same hawk.  He was eating lunch.  I guess our actions were but a temporary and ignored inconvenience to his dinner plans.  There must be a dozen hawks calling.  Also the crows are quite vocal.  Robins are mating.  Must be almost spring.  We haven't seen a decent day in quite a while.  The meeting back home was cancelled.  No trip home today!

click for a larger imageMarch 25

It took me almost 75 minutes to drive from Punderson to a LA Brief Advice Clinic on the east side.  There is no good way to get around the east side.  They really missed the boat when they prohibited interstates in the late 50s.

It's snowing.  And snowing.  And snowing.  We've had a constant snow although it is above freezing and the snow isn't sticking.  It is making it wet.  Grace and I went on a long walk and both came back about drowned.  I managed to get a lot of reading done.  I worry that reading isn't what is needed.  But, for now, reading it is.

I finally got a camper tag and she gave me an extra day.  Don't think I'll use it but it was nice to see it.

March 26

A very nice trip.

For up-to-date park maps and information, check the

Ohio State Park website for Punderson State Park

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