Click for a larger imageLog of our fifth trip of 2006

Mosquito Lake State Park

Cortland, Ohio

Camp Office:  (330) 638-5700
Park Office:  (330) 637-2856


June 30-July 2, 2006
Click for a larger imageMileage Start 31,821
Home 31,954
Miles 133 (66.5 on a broken foot)


Attended:  Dad 21, Megan, 23, Persiphony, RTR the Moose and beautiful little and Gracie Allen

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NOTE:  All sites are approximately level.  If you have a choice, site 15 is best.  14 is good, too.

Mosquito is a fisherperson's park with limited on-road walking.  When it is dry, it offers an interesting array of woodsy paths to explore.  The sites are mostly out of level but not unreasonably so.  Some blocks will fix you up fine.  The recent addition of electricity has brought the park into the range of choices open to people from the Cleveland, Ohio area.  It is definitely worth the trip to hear the fall owls chatting about who's the better of them.  It is about a two hour trip from North Olmsted, Ohio.

June 30

Approaching the campground the motorhome lost its brakes!  Terrible!  I managed to get to a site and get set up.  The back of the front right wheel was covered with brake fluid.  The caliper was leaking.  Sad day!  A contact with the office led me to a Ford dealership.  He suggested that I clamp off the hose going to that caliper and bring it in.  While walking the park I noticed an old Winnebago Indian and had a nice chat with the fellow.  He mentioned he had to put a new engine so I asked about the caliper.  He had a friend who was a mechanic.  He suggested that the hose clamping makes it difficult to drive but I have little choice.  We had a great time walking.  It is a full park but other than STUPID PET OWNERS everyone is well behaved.  The pet owners who are bad are tying their dogs to trees while they sleep and letting them bark all night long.

July 1

I was able to discuss the problem with a friend from work.  The best solution would be if the caliper is slowly leaking.  I drove the car home and returned with Meggie and Persiphony.  Megan was able to work the brake pedal and I observed that the caliper was leaking badly.  I was able to pinch off the supply line to restore the brakes.  We'll be going home with a broken foot.

Megan has been studying for the bar and we've not spent much time so it was a nice time with her and Persiph.  We stuffed ourselves with mac-n-cheese, cooked hot dogs and marshmallows on the fire, and took very nice walks.  Didn't get a lick of studying done but, hey, the time is more important.

July 2

We slept in (well, four of us).  We took a walk.  We came home with absolutely no problem. The motorhome pulled mildly to the left but it there was no issue of control.  I was able to price the parts.  It is expensive, but not near as expensive as I had thought.

For up-to-date park maps and information, check the

Ohio State Park website for Mosquito Creek State Park

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