Click for a larger imageLog of our Sixth trip of 2006

Punderson State Park

Newbury, Ohio


Camp Office:  (440) 564-1195
Park Office:  (440) 564-2279
December 13-16, 2006
Mileage:     Start 31,965     Home 32,058     Miles:  93
Attended:  Dad, Gracie Allen, Moosie

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Punderson, although it has a very poorly designed Campground, is a winter wonderland.  It has ample snow and things to do in the snow.  It's the only or at least the only close-to-Cleveland electrical-available winter camp. It is about an hour east of North Olmsted, Ohio.


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Click for a larger imageDecember 13

Did you notice it has been six months since we were last out?  So sad, no?  Perhaps times will allow us more time in the parks.  It sure is nice to be back.  We took it easy coming out.  We took a nice, long walk that was followed by a nice long nap.  The weather is wonderful.  It is in the high 40s with brilliant sun.  How good is that?  Now to spoil it all as today is Wednesday.  I have my last final, in property, on Monday.

We saw two very bright shooting stars during the beginning of the Geminid meteor shower.  It is due to peak late tonight.  I'm fine with the two very bright meteors we saw.  Pretty darn neat.

Click for a larger imageDecember 14

Those darn dogs had me pinned in the bed.  Not having tossed and turned as required, I woke up stiff as a board.  It took me an hour to work the kinks out.  New rule:  The dogs get lofted.

I studied my property and took a long walk through the campground.  What was to be a long, rainy campout has turned into three beautiful, clear fifty degree days.  Neat stuff.

Marian and her son Jamie came out to visit.  We had a wonderful time.  Jamie is eleven.  I showed him the sledding hill.  It was muddy and quite improper for a winter campout but still an impressive feature of the park.  We took a full campground walk.  We started a fire and made hot dogs and marshmallows.  This was the peak day for the Geminid meteor shower.  It started to cloud up and I thought I'd not be able to show them a meteor.  Luckily, it wasn't too cloudy and we each saw a few.  After Marian and Jamie left the dogs fell into a heap on the couch.  Exhausted, they slept the night there.  I slept well without them.

December 15

It is up and out of here for us.  Four big brown eyes.  Fine.  First a nice long last walk in the park.  Then home and onto more studying.

For up-to-date park maps and information, check the

Ohio State Park website for Punderson State Park

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