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Click for a larger imageClick for a larger imageLog of our first trip of 2007

Maumee Bay State Park

Oregon, Ohio

April 13, 15, 2007
Mileage Start 32,164

At 32,269

Home 32, 366
Total 202 miles


Attended:  Dad 21, Mom 22, Fritz 7, beautiful little Gracie Allen 5, and Moose 2

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Click for a larger pictureApril 13

Not too many people here as the temperatures are cool and there is a forecast of rain.  We're here as Mary has a commitment at a Toledo hotel to help sell tickets for a spaghetti dinner for the Glass City Marathon and Expo.

We took a number of walks and had a nice fire.  By far our most memorable happening was that we were very close to the largest herd of deer we've ever seen.  I lost count at twenty and I believe there were some thirty deer in their herd.  Many juveniles found us interesting.  Fritz, Grace and Moose found them interesting.

We had a very nice fire accompanied by some tasty hot dogs.

Our DVD broke.  No movies for us although we have four to watch!

Click for a larger imageApril 14

We slept in and then treated the dogs to a very long walk.

The purpose of our trip was to allow Mary to help with pre-marathon activities for the Glass City Marathon held in downtown Toledo.  She spent the late afternoon with that.

On our way home from downtown Toledo we ate at a local sports pub called Ralphies.  It was snowing to beat the band.  By the time we got back to the box the grass was covering over.  We didn't get our walk or a fire.  We did watch a couple of movies on a new DVD.  The old one quit working and we had to pick up a new one.

April 15

We expected to awake to snow and rain.  Instead, we were greeted by a beautiful sunny day.  It was cold and windy but a lot better than we expected.  Moosie got his first opportunity to run free.  Every once in a while he'd get too far out and Fritz would have to do her herding thing to bring him back.  She took her work very seriously.  Moosie was Joyous Moose.  He ran circles around Fritz.

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Moosie is free!!!Gracie catching up



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