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We needed more line laundry!!!  We added a much larger kite, a pig, a fish and a tube!!!

It takes two people to reel it in now!

Video here!

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Click for a larger imageLog of our fourth trip of 2007

The Outer Banks

Waves, North Carolina


July 19 to 30, 2007
Mileage Start 32,600
Mileage Home 33,973

Total Mileage:  1,373          

Attended:  Dad and Mom
Gracie Allen and Moosie

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Many pictures have been severely cropped.


The Outer Banks continues to hold our hearts!

A absolutely gorgeous trip down marked only by one problem.  Construction was wiped out by rain.  We drove all the way to a shopping center in Newport News.  All the rest areas were unavailable.  We drove to exit 255 on I-64, Jefferson Avenue, and tried a Wal-Mart.  It was posted from stem to stern against RV parking.  We went just a bit down the road to a Home Depot and parked in an out-of-the-way spot near a Golden Corral restaurant.  We had a nice nap and continued on the next day.

Moosie and Grace love the ocean.  One think we found, and we found them in abundance, was mosquitoes.  My gosh they are everywhere and get you before you have a chance to react. 

July 21

Click for a larger image.We took a long walk on the beach.  We walked three and a half miles with the 23 mph wind and then dragged ourselves back the same distance.  Wow was that a long walk back!  RULE:  Walk into the wind when you start your walk.  Both puppies had to get a shower to get the sand off.


Click for a larger imageLater we took a long Jeep ride and explored the beaches.  they were desolate.  We had about four miles of deserted beach to play in.  Cool.

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July 22

Today we managed to do some shopping.

July 23

This was a day at the beach.  We followed that with a trip up to the mainland to get a book, a large lifting kite and some eats.

Here is our beach spot for this day:

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Here's why we like the Jeep.  These are view showing our nearest neighbors to the south and north.  This is during the peak tourist season.

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Dad taking a swim:

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Beautiful things at the beach:

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Click here for a video of Moosie running!

July 24

We spent the morning and early afternoon in the motorhome allowing Mary to loose some of the bright red sunburn she suffered yesterday.  It is 3:46 pm as I write this and she's still re-radiating heat stored from last night.  We headed out to the beach and had a great evening.  Waiting a bit is actually nicer than trying to stand the heat of the day.

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Notice the kite!!!  I bought a new LARGE foil to launch as much line laundry as I wanted.  Look at the picture on the top of this page--that is a ten or twelve foot wind wheel below the foil!  I forgot how much fun kites can be.

After we got back we showered and went out looking for a meal.  It was a few minutes after nine pm.  As it turns out, NOTHING was open.  Everything closes at nine.

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July 25

Click for a larger imageWe went into Avon and bought more line laundry.  We are now flying a pig, a fish and a twenty foot tube.  We had a nice lunch at Nino's Italian.  We came back and spent the afternoon and early evening at the beach.

July 26

Today we went parasailing!  We went to Manteo and took a ride to 1200 feet.  That was a lot of fun and, although expensive, recommended.  It is a different feeling floating around like that.  Pictures were taken on the boat and they will be forthcoming on the website.  We then toured the Manteo waterfront.  This is a group of shops and small restaurants.  It was quite fun and the eats at Poor Richard's Sandwich Shop were good.

July 27

The Jeep developed a rough idle, popping and complaining about running slow.  I went over the whole ignition system and must have fixed something as it is running fine now.  We decided to take a walk north from the campground.  It was terribly hot and the beach was very crowded.  After half a mile we came back, loaded the Jeep and spent another day at our private beach.  Returning to the motorhome we showered and went out to the Down Under restaurant for dinner.

July 28

Our last day and we spent it on the beach!

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