Log of our first trip of 2009

Findley State Park

Wellington, Ohio

April 17-20, 2009

Attended: Dad, Gracie, Moosie, Megan, Joe and Piper

Start 34,353  End 34,410  --  57 miles

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Having fought so hard for so long to keep from improving this state park campground, the State finally put in two rows of electric.  It isn't much but it is a start.

That being said, when the weather is dry the trail systems is first rate.

April 17, 2009

Click for a larger imageA beautiful spring trip!  On arrival, my reserved site was taken!!!  A fellow rented it from the office apparently at the same time I reserved it.  We stayed on 229.  Recommended!

  Here's Grace, as proud as a peacock, her carrying three (3) chewies at the same time!


April 18, 2009

Megan, Joe and Piper came out to spend the night.  We walked the park and then turned our attention to building a proper fire.  Once started, this work continued well into the night.  We found ourselves complete about one a.m.

Meggie chose to sit in the magic chair which gives you about a half hour of support.  It then falls back into its reclining position and puts you to sleep.  This is normally not a problem.  However, when you are about two people with dreams of a grand fire, you might find your plastic slippers melted to your feet!

A proper distance from a proper fire!

Meg and Joe


A fire requires fuel and air.  We added air in a grand way!


This is teeter-todder with adult-size fire sticks.


Sometimes you have to break a fire down and start again.


Perfect adjustment is everything.

Burning logs in half.



You know you have a good fire when it requires you wear welding gloves to cook the hotdogs and marshmallows!  Click on the picture to the right.  Click on the marshmallows.  Tell me those aren't done right!



We were only able to call in two owls.  Although this one is a big fellow, I couldn't get a good picture of him.  He is but a shadow here.  The owls were chased by crows.  I'm also thinking they might have a nest as more should be around.



This is Findley State Park's campground in Garmin-speak-a plot of the GPS map points as I walked the campground.



For up-to-date park maps and information, check the Ohio State Park website for Findley State Park


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