Log of our fourth trip of 2013

East Harbor State Park

Marblehead, Ohio

November 14-17, 2013

Attended: Dad, Gracie, Moosie

Start 36,804  End 36,942  --  138 miles

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November 14, 2013

I have a Friday, Saturday and Sunday off so off we go, out on Thursday!  And it is a BEAUTIFUL Thursday.  Warm temperatures and with perfectly clear weather I am really surprised we are the only ones in the park.


Grace turned eleven yesterday and I bought her a new set of wheels.  Taking her out for even a quarter mile is a long and tedious process.  She walks super slow.  Even after a quarter mile she hurts.

So I bought her a new set of wheels.  Rather than wait back at the motorhome, she was out with us.  Worked great!  She did five miles today and twenty-one miles this trip!



Why does the moon always look so big in person but look so small in a photograph?

There was a STRONG wind from the south that was blowing the water out to Canada.  We were able to walk all the way into the lake, all the way to the breakwall.

This is picture from November 16, showing the water had returned and showing where we had walked:

Here is the track out to the breakwall:

And the track for our walk:

November 15, 2013

Another gorgeous day.  Sunny, with temperatures in the high fifties.

We did about four miles in the morning and another four just before sunset.  Grace continues to really like her new wheels.

Only two more campers in the whole park, and they came in quite late.  The park is still ours.

In the photo to the right, about 150 feet away, is a heron.  When the bird stood still, it was absolutely impossible to see her.  She blended in so very perfectly with the background.  Even when she moved, it was as if the background, the rocks and bushes, were moving.  Pretty cool.

Moose was able to chase lots of squirrels and deer.

We were able to walk the old beach road.  Turns out they are having a hunt on November 16 and the area will be closed.

The water came back in Lake Erie.  No more walking to the breakwall!

November 16, 2013

We did another eight miles.  Three in the morning and five in the afternoon.

There are quite a few deer here.  All are healthy.  Quite a bit to eat for all of them.  These deer are so used of campers that I could probably run one over with Gracie's geriatric stroller. There would be absolutely no challenge to killing them off.  It would be like shooting cows in a pature.  I just can't seem to get my head around why someone wants to kill them.  I thought it pretty cool that on the morning of November 15 four walked through our site.  I'm sure there is some primal instinct that makes a person want to shoot a cow ... I mean deer.  I'm sure it serves some purpose in the hunter's psyche.  I just can't figure out what that is.

No matter.  There won't be deer walking through tomorrow morning.

Here is our am walk.  When we started walking down the beach I had to leave Grace's geriatric stroller behind and that part of the walk took as much time as the rest of the walk and thensome.  I would like to walk the loop farther down the beach and then on the roads back to the camp.  Grace will have to stay home for that one.

Here's our pm walk:


Click here for a short video of Moosie swimming in November.

For some, the file is reported broken.  Here is a link the file.  When I download it and run it in the VLC video player it plays fine.  You have to change the suffix of the file to "mp4" rather than "xxx".

November 18, 2013

First things first.  I let the dogs out about midnight to see four large deer in the field across from my site.  There are still deer at East Harbor.

Heading back home early.  Up at about 5 am due to really, really strong OBX-type winds and hard rain.  Got packed up and did some work.  At 7 am dawn broke and I went outside to see stars and no wind.  Go figure!  Rainy and cooler heading for colder.  A great weekend!

Almost didn't get into the drive due to soft grass.  I need to fix that!

Still warm and no rain.  Unloaded, winterized (one gallon!) and put the box to bed for a few weeks.

Seven miles to the gallon.  Still.  Always.

From my fortune cookie.  Sometimes the translation isn't all it could be.  Other times it is right on.



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