Log of our fifth trip of 2013

Findley State Park

Wellington, Ohio

December 6-8, 2013

Attended: Dad, Gracie, Moosie

Start 36,942  End 37,003  --  61 miles

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December 6, 2013

This is a three day trip.  I am leaving on Friday afternoon and returning on Sunday.  Not a long trip, but a very nice one.

We left before the snow.  As we arrived the snow started and it was quite pretty.  We received no more than a inch or two or three.  There was enough to cover the grass and woods.  There was not enough to cause us to not walk.  As we are the only ones here, Moose got to be off leash just about the whole time ...

To the left is the only time I can get them both to pay attention.  Our five mile walk is over.  It is twenty-five degrees outside.  They know they will be getting a treat.  LET US IN!

December 7, 2013

Grace says her pram needs snow tires!

I had to get up during the night as one of the power feeds failed.  I reconfigured the power and all was well.  Toasty warm again.

We took a 3.7 mile walk.  There is a lot of deer tracks but they all seem to be young.  We did see a herd of about ten deer clumped together.

I brought my new French press coffee maker.  I have to admit that while I normally drink instant coffee, I did enjoy a cup of La Minita Costa Rican coffee.  But now, onto a test!

Some stuff stays in the motorhome longer than it should.  I carry a can of regular coffee in order to please those who might be camping with me and who prefer cooked coffee.  The current can of Folger's Gourmet Supreme coffee says "Best used by May of 2005".  Hmmmm.   Two scoops go into the press and ... sip, sip.  Well, it is coffee, and probably as good as "Best used by January of 2014".  But I sure don't like it.  This particular can says "DARK" out of mild, medium, medium-dark and dark.  It sure was dark.  It was very dark.  I could not find much to recommend it.  In fact, I didn't think it coffee at all.  I threw the can out in the garbage, the coffee in the sink.

Next test:  I brought a plastic container of Folger's Classic Roast which is listed as "medium".  This container was stamped "Best used by May 8, 2014"!!!  This is current coffee!  Note that not only do I get a month of expiration, I now get the date of the month, too.  Neither can says what kind of coffee this is, but it does say "100% pure coffee".  That's good.  I don't want bird gizzards in my coffee.  Sip, sip.  Not bad.  NOT the La Minita Costa Rican Arabica Grade One, but it wasn't bad for cooked coffee.

More experimentation needs to be done.

The sun is out and it is a brilliant day in the campground.  But as evening falls, and we go out for our afternoon walk, it is cold, about twenty degrees.  Grace will ask to leave the pram when she has to go potty.  But she readily volunteers to return and she sure does like being all tucked in with a heavy towel keeping her warm.  She complains when the towel isn't tucked in properly.

December 8, 2013

I stayed up WAY too late watching way too much of the Godfather trilogy.  I dragged my butt to bed forgetting to charge my phone or my camera.  Now it is morning and I am up wanting to walk with no phone or camera.  Darn it!

Taking the dogs for a walk and then heading home.  The roads were glaze ice and we only did two miles.

I ended up driving at most five miles an hour through the whole park.  It was glaze ice all the way.  Then at home the lawn was all mooshy and I almost ended up getting stuck (again).  Have to do something about that.

I'm open for suggestions on how to fix this winter yard problem!  In the winter, the yard cannot support the motorhome.  I have to pull it in bass-ackwards, that is, facing forward, rather than pulling it over the yard between the fence and garage and backing in.

My current plan is to put two or three inches of gravel over the whole area.  Then, in spring, I'll top that with an inch or inch and a half of topsoil, grass seed and straw.  This worked on the other side of the garage, when Matt was parking his car over there.  Maybe it will work here.

Another possibility is to buy special pads that let the grass grow through them but provide a road-like base.  But these are very expensive.



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