Log of our third trip of 2018


Avon, NC

October 20-29, 2018

Attended: Dad, Toodledip Wooozle and Odo

Start 15,971  End 17,418 - 1447 miles

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A few months ago I stopped at the New Kent rest area off I-64 just east of Raleigh, North Carolina.  I slept about four hours in the caddy.  About fifteen spaces away was parked a Roadtrek 190 all buttoned up.  I sure would have liked that! 

Well!  This time I was the Roadtrek.  I was all buttoned up.  And I slept like a baby!

This first trip to the condo shows the new box fits nicely in a condo spot.  OK, it fits though.

Hurricane Florence came through southern North Carolina about a week before.  While causing some minor leaks, the condo stood up to tropical storm force winds and water.

The beach came out nicely!  Look at the new sand!  Before the storm the steps were new, having been replaced after a nor'easter tore them off.  There was no sand on the steps.

That's not to say there was no damage.  Many of the Oceanside Drive homes had their pools filled in again.


Toodledip and Odo would like to offer their sincere thanks to the people of Avon, North Carolina for putting up so many new pee poles.  Through diligent work and applied effort they managed to baptize at least 0.01 percent of them.  That would mean they peed on a couple hundred poles.

There be dragons on this here beach!!!! 

This is called "a three mile walk in soft sand I need a nappy" nappy time. 

Our walks, north and south:

We were walking on the beach only an hour watching this storm drifting in.  Started pouring as we were washing off.


Another version of the three mile nappy!

Under the rainbow!

Daddy!  The ocean brought us a coconut!  Note:  There are no palm trees in North Carolina to speak of.  These normally are washed in from far to the south.

Take a look here:

How did piles of Haiti’s trash end up on NC beaches? Hurricane Florence is a suspect

By Mark Price

October 25, 2018 01:37 PM

Hurricane Florence is being blamed for piles of trash from Haiti and the Dominican Republic found strewn across miles of North Carolina beaches.

That’s an 1,100 mile trip across the Atlantic.

Residents of North Topsail Beach began posting photos of the mysterious trash on Facebook over the weekend, noting brightly colored products labeled in Spanish and French were now lodged in the sand.

North Topsail Beach firefighter Bradley Thomas Dixon told McClatchy he expected the record-setting storm to spread trash across Topsail Island’s beaches, but was “shocked to find the majority came from another country.“

Read more here: https://www.myrtlebeachonline.com/latest-news/article218982585.html#storylink=cpy


It was 86 and so very humid when I left.  I came back to 48 degrees!  Brrrr!  Pulled out the snow thrower and procured ten gallons of gas.  Let it snow!

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