Log of our fifth trip of 2018

Rosenberg, Texas

and the Galveston, Texas Gulf Coast area

November 16-27, 2018

Attended: Dad, Toodledip Wooozle and Odo

Start 19,631

End 22,398

2,767 miles

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The primary purpose of this trip is to visit Matt, Lesa and Liam in Rosenberg, Texas ... and to FINALLY meet Liam who has been such a large part of each discussion.  And, more importantly, for Liam to meet Toodledip Wooozle and Odo!!!

It was a fun trip down.  An easy drive with only a few delays.  Houston was very busy!

The dogs and Liam

Boy, did this work out nicely!  The dogs LOVE all of them and took advantage of every cuddle available.






We did figure out a real problem with the wireless!  AT&T put the wireless access point in a metal cabinet!  You can't put a radio in a wireless cabinet and expect it to work.


Brazos Bend State Park

We took a nice trip to Brazos Bend State Park.  Here's Odo asking:

I don't see three alligators!

Where are the three alligators????

Can you find the three alligators???

Here's two of them:

Here's the third:

Odo would be a tasty treat if I were bigger:



But a few of the hundreds of black vultures.


So they have this place called "Buccee's" in Texas that seems quite the hit with a lot of people.  I have to admit ... Beaver Nuggets were GOOOOODDDDDD!!!!!

Galveston, Jamaica Beach and Surfside

Bird watching ... 


We saw furry wood!  It looked like this wood had fur.  Click for a larger image:

The jetty at Surfside beach and a piece of oil rock:

Three VERY sleepy walkers!!!


Not too many purple shells for the jar at home ... but a few!

Brazos River Park in Sugarland, Texas

Took a four mile walk, at least four miles, in a really nice local park.

Brazos Bend State Park II

We saw lots of stuff on our second outing to Brazos Bend State Park!

On our way to the park we saw a pig carcass covered with vultures and .... A BALD EAGLE!!!!


Across the pond with a common gallinule

My favorite of all:  The Black Bellied Whistling Duck

When they fly, their wings are black on top and white on the bottom!!!

A Texas pit airing bird called an anhinga.  It dives for food but its wings are not waterproof.  They must be dried.


We all JUMPED when this alligator swam up to us.

It was right next to the path and could have paid us a visit.

A Nutria and a Red Slider turtle.  Two duck eaters.  A pigeon-looking water bird and a Great Egret chick.










Brazos Bend State Park III

A nice, wet walk with just Matt and I.  We took some of the higher, prairie-like trails and didn't see much worth a picture.

Brazos Bend State Park IV

Our first warm day with temps into the mid-seventies.

We saw stuff this time!  From pig tracks, another big alligator next to the path and a green snake.  There are hundreds of vultures in the park.  There are two types, black and red:

Pig tracks:

A green snake and Matt with that snake.


The snake was on the path, making for all the world like a stick, so we moved it off to keep it from getting run over.



And another alligator next to the path!

Hunting in the neighborhood!







Sad dogs going home!







Frigging awesome trip!

AND ... I beat the snow home - this is the next day!!!


For up-to-date park maps and information, check the

Ohio State Park website


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