Log of our fourth trip of 2019


Avon, NC

May 10-18, 2019

Attended: Dad, Toodledip Wooozle and Odo

Start 28,086  End 29,563 - 1477 miles

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Arrived stupid early.  I was able to fill up on propane at Camp Hatteras.  We stopped at Access Point 26 and we were off on our first three miler!



The next morning an infant roll cloud, illuminated by the just rising sun, floated over us:



PPPPWWWWEEEEZZZZEEEEE can we go for walk????



Scary clouds!



Sunny deck



My response, too, but I didn't take a picture:



Last month I included a couple of pictures of a home on Ocean View drive that was moved about fifty feet.  Ocean View has a HORRIBLE problem with ocean over wash during storms.  Here it is a month later.

What is that I hear?  Is that a contractor's voice?  Sounds like an echo!  Sounds like, "It'll be done in a month!"  Weird.  I hear it but see no contractor.  Just like at my place.  They are really great guys but you never can rely on any of them.

There is new wood so they must be planting it there.

Contractors arrived later in the week:  They are planting it right there!



He saw a big crab go down a hole.  Dunno how deep they go!



I was visited by a crow that seemed to know that if he asked, I would provide him with something to eat.




This is summertime on the beach, as crowded as crowded gets on the National Park beach:



Day Miles walked Restaurant
Saturday 3.00 Oceana
Sunday 3.22  
Monday 3.02  
Tuesday 3.40 Bros
Wednesday 6.00  
Thursday 5.70 Gidgets
Friday 4.00  


Here are some points for the trip from North Olmsted to the OBX:

  • PA rest area just before the MD border: 3955'16.4"N 7814'07.5"W

  • Pilot gas station at Route 63: 3938'02.0"N 7748'29.5"W

  • Ladysmith rest area before Richmond: 3758'52.3"N 7729'33.3"W

For up-to-date park maps and information, check the

Ohio State Park website


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