Log of our sixth trip of 2019



Mt. Gilead

State Parks

Delaware and Mt. Gilead, Ohio

July 14-16, 2019

Attended: Dad, Toodledip Wooozle and Odo

Start 29,563  End 29,833 - 270 miles

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Delaware State Park was under water and closed for some time.  It has only been a few days since the daily rains of our sixth-inches-of-water June stopped.  But the water did reside and the camp is quite dry.  As with Cleveland, there are wet spots here and wet spots there but it was perfectly walkable.



Pretty much have our pick of spots.  There are excellent sites that back up to the walking trails.  The ones that back up to the camper's boat tie up areas are well cared for and gravelled. 

Arrive in temperatures above ninety degrees.  And we took a good long walk in it!  After a bit over three miles we returned severely parched.  It took a while to cool down.  We did get hot!  We did a total of a bit over six miles for Sunday.

Slept a long time but still up at dawn.  Out on another walk


There are a lot of bunnies here.  Hundreds.  Perhaps thousands.  Many of them quite young.  The dogs did their best to keep them exercised.  They did manage to capture a opossum.  Catch and release.  We saw a few deer.


Bluebird houses are VERY popular at Delaware.  Problem is, they kill the sparrows who nest earlier to allow the bluebirds a home.  Dunno if I like that.  Sparrows are better than bluebirds.  They work harder and are better at cleaning up bugs.  Bluebirds are poplular because ... they are blue, I guess.

They get really nice playgrounds here:

And they have a HUGE tornado shelter, for the entire area, not just the park.

Here we are on a bunny hunt:

And the bunny hunted which Toodles has just noticed:

We have the remenants of tropical storm Barry floating up here so we decided, after a bit of discussion between us, to stop by and take a look at Mt. Gilead State Park.  This is not the smallest park, but it is small.  It is also hilly, designed around a gorge.  We took some more walks.

Toodledip and Odo made a wonderful friend, a six year old and her mother were camping at the next site.  Toodledip and this little girl became a thing.  Mom would have liked the girl over helping her but the girl was having nothing of it.  Toodledip had a wonderful time.

Took a good long walk Wednesday morning finding a bunch of hills.  It was a crack of dawn walk but I still found three fisherpeople taking advantage of the cool morning.

So getting home I pull in the drive only to have to hit the brakes.  Mama ducks and at least six ducklings were westbound across my drive!  They apparently took up residence in the brush betweem my house and the neighbor.

Isn't that something!

These walk distances are in brutal humidity and horrible heat:

Day Miles walked
Sunday 3.0 morning and 3.51 afternoon = 6.51 
Monday 3.51 morning, 1.45 in the afternoon and .56 late = 5.52
Tuesday 3.31 morning, 1.22 afternoon + .33 late = 4.86
Wednesday 1.97 at the crack of dawn




This is Mt. Gilead State Park:

This is the walk the next morning:


For up-to-date park maps and information, check the

Ohio State Park website


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