Log of our sixth trip of 2022

Delaware State Park

Delaware, Ohio

July 11-14, 2022

Attended: Dad, Toodledip Wooozle and Odo

Start 13,792 -- End 14,050 -- 258 miles

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Did a bunch of new stuff in the motorhome and this is a "try it out" trip.  Plus, it is our first trip to Delaware State Park since 2019.  On July 6, 2022 the park had 3.65 inches of rain and was quite flooded.  It is reported to have been abated.

The workstation is FANTASTIC.  VERY PLEASED!


Heading for site 117.  The park appears quite crowded.  117 is a pretty good site.  Not perfectly level but there is a road to the campground trails which is REALLY nice.  Highly recommend choosing a site at the end of the two southern loops.


 The trip to the park was easy.  We started with another walk, on top of our morning 3.5 miler we did another 3.5 miler.  Then in the evening we did another 3 for a total of 10!  That's a lot for us.

Afternoon walk:

Evening walk:

Mounted the phone above the bed in an auto cell charger and got a nap.


The path has a "Fairy Trail" completed by a Girl Scout troop.


Took my first shower in the Minnie Winnie and that was a success.  Looks like a quarter tank for a day and a shower.


When we went with the kids to Maumee we didn't get around to making cookies.  Well, fixed that this trip!  Breakfast of champions!


They chased a possum up a tree.  They were proud.


Sometimes when walking Toodledip and Odo stop and ask to just spend a bit taking in the scenery.


NOTE:  Briarpatch comes no where near the part of the campground it goes around.  The map is WRONG.


We pushed a bit much on the Tuesday afternoon walk, 4.4 miles in about 82-85 degrees.  But, again, this is under the canopy with a nice breeze.


Our Wednesday morning walk:




This is Odo fixated on the bunnies out the bedroom window ... ALL NIGHT ... and the front window.


We took a 3.5 mile walk on Wednesday afternoon and got back just as a rain shower arrived.


Thursday morning started with a 3.5 mile walk and a drive home.

I think I broke Toodledip:


Here's our walks:

Day Miles walked Total/day
7/11 3.5 - N. Olmsted morning 3.5
  3.5 - trails north 7
  3 - trails 10
7/12 3.5 - Briarpatch trail 3.5
  4.4 - Lakeside trail 7.9
7/13 4.5 - Mink run to marina 4.5
  3.5 - trails north 8.0
7/14 3.5 - Briarpatch 3.5

Another great trip.

For up-to-date park maps and information, check the

Ohio State Park website


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