Log of our ninth trip of 2022

Avon, NC

The Outer Banks

September 9-22, 2022

Attended: Dad, Toodledip Wooozle and Odo

Start 14,512 - End 16,179 - 1667 Miles

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September is still hot and humid!  Poopy hot and humid.

This is my first trip to the new beach!  Nourishment provided about 100 yards of fresh new beach.

Fixed a bunch of stuff including the internet.  People resetting the modem cause the TVs, phone, thermostat and what not to loose their mind.  Massaged that back and put yet more stickers on things.  Fixed the gate which was binding.   Put in a bunch of new screws to hold down old nails.

Got pretty close to this sound-side heron.  Then stepped in sound mud and got everything dirty.

Watching a comorant pad his honking big flipper feet on the beach made me realize what I look like trying to wear flippers at the ocean.


When I come and it is so hot and humid it becomes apparent that plastic wood has limitations.  Works great for furniture.  Not so great for building things.  Probably better off with wood.


Four miles is about it in this weather!!!


We had a buzzard buzz us.  This does not do justice to what was going on.  This buzzard looked MUCH closer than this!

Here is a link to the video which may be faster.


As always, a nice easy ride home. 

Here's our walks:

Day Miles walked Total
9/12 3.9 Beach S 3.9
  2.4 Oceanview/12 6.3
9/13  2.7 Oceanview/Kinnakeet 9.0
  2.3 Oceanview/Kinnakeet 11.3
9/14 3.4 Beach N 14.7
  2.6 Kinnakeet 17.3
9/15 3.3 Sound beach/Oceanview 20.6
  2.0 Kinnakeet/Oceanview 22.6
9/16 3.2 Beach N 25.8
  1.0 Salvo Day Use 26.8
  2.5 Kinnakeet 29.3
9/17 3.5 Kinnakeet 32.8
  2.4 Kinnakeet 35.2
9/18 2.6 Oceanview/Kinnakeet 37.8

For up-to-date park maps and information, check the

Ohio State Park website


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