Log of our thirteenth trip of 2022

West Branch State Park

Ravenna, Ohio

December 4-7, 2022

Attended: Dad, Toodledip Wooozle, Odo, Nadette, Chico, Cookie

Start 18,069

End 18,183

114 Miles

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Our first trip in the Mini Winnie in sub freezing weather.  We left just above freezing with temperatures in the mid-30s the first day.  Went to 27 the first night without a hint of a problem.  The rest of the trip was above freezing.

We were camped with a good view of the lake.

I strapped on two garbage cans to hold wood and glad I did.  The extra capacity really helped with the fire.

Fire by the lake ... with a boat night fishing in the background.




Beavers have been REALLY busy. 

 You can't see it well on the big picture due to the winter colors but there are at least ten beaver stumps.

 This is on the way to the boat ramp, in the woods by the tie up spaces.

Here's all the beaver stumps but they are hard to see.

 Fire Chihuahuas had to wear their coats:

After a few nights and days below freezing, these six squirrels climbed to the top of this large tree and were napping in the bright sun.

The extra thermostat-controlled power ports worked FANTASTIC!  One in the rear and one on the driver's side.  They plug into an adapter into the 50 amp outlet.



This is our go-to restaurant in Ravenna.  Great food!   Megan's Family Restaurant, 266 W Main St, Ravenna, OH 44266






Here's our walks:

Day Location Distance
12/4 Home 3.5
  Campground 3.0
12/5 Campground 2.8
Campground 3.2
12/6 Campground 2.1
  Campground 3.2

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