Log of our third trip of 2023


Avon, NC

April 7-20, 2023


Attended: Dad, Toodledip Wooozle, Odo

Start 18,423

End 20,154

1731 Miles

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Our first 2023 trip to the beach.  We were coming in March but the weather just sucked.  We bowed out.  But not now, in April.

Not a bad drive down but the bridges were a bit testy with high winds.  Pea island had sand covering the road but no water.

As I write this I am watching my coffee move around in my cup.  The winds are reported to be 21 gusts to 45 and the condo is rocking and rolling!  My belly is full of Nino's Supreme Calzone and I am happy to be back.

By far the most interesting thing about the whole trip was four powered paragliders wandeding around the beach!


Toodledip Wooozle has an opinion:



Rocking and rolling all evening into Sunday as gusts to 45 continue.  Slept like a baby!

Winter/Early spring birds.  And three pelicans.  I don't normally see pelicans this early.  Must mean a nice summer.

The white bird is a Caspian Tern.  Sounds like a laughing gull with laryngitis.


There are many houses on Ocean View that underwent an upgrade.  This house POPPED out due to its colors.  I don't like the colors.  I don't like the house.  But it really set itself off.



They are sufveying storm water!  A marker by the ditch by the road.


Facebook is all confused about Nino's.  A few people say it was sold.  This for sale sign was NOT there on April 9 and then was there on April 10.  Obviously not sold.  Reported closing on April 16.  We'll see.



"You may pass this way after you pay the tax!"

This morning brought a new visitor. A buzzard suggested that to cross that bridge one would have to pay the tax. Toodledip suggested different. He believed the buzzard, properly trimmed, would fit fine on the Foreman Grill and provide a fine breakfast. The buzzard said something about “Yankees!” and then flew away.

This is one massive bird. Getting off the ground required him moving a lot of air.  We never did figure out what kept him there.


I keep forgetting the serenity of walking the ramps.




There were SO MANY shells on our beach walks!  We filled the jar!

Here's our walks:

Day Location Distance
4/9 Ocean View/12 2.3 w 30G45
4/10 Kinnakeet/Sound 3
  Ocean View/12 2.9
4/11 Kinnakeet/12 2.6
  Kinnakeet 2.4
4/12 Kinnakeet 4.0
  Beach north 2.5
4/13 Ocean View/12 2.5
  Kinnakeet/12 2.3
4/14 Kinnakeet 4.0
  Beach north 1.4
4/15 Ocean View/Kinnakeet 3.0
  Ocean north 2.0
4/16 Kinnakeet 2.9
  Kinakeet 2.1
4/17 Ocean View/Kinnakeet 2.5
  Kinnakeet 2.6
4/18 Oceanview/Kinnakeet 2.7
  Kinnakeet 3.0
4/19 Kinnakeet 2.4
  Kinnakeet 2.5
4/20 Ramp 27 north 2.5
4/21 Ramp 25 north and south 3.0

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