Log of our fourth trip of 2023


Avon, NC

May 5-20, 2023

Attended: Dad, Toodledip Wooozle, Odo

Start 20,154

End 21,958

1804 Miles - NOTE:  823.5 miles drive to drive

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Back to the beach!

Here it is at 5 am after a great night's sleep at the NC border.




This used to be an ice cream shop for dogs.  Now it is going to be another property manager.


Misty morning with visibility about three-quarters of a mile.


A toad!


And a three turtle morning walk.




5:45 am at Salvo Day Use


At least one bunny is still around!


All but one Hatteras Realty trucks have been rebranded to Vacasa.




My fortune from the China Town fortune cookie:





The master bathroom bathtub spout was corroding away.  I had tried to get it off but it was the screw-on variety and I was bending the pipe.  The trim ring on the valve was shot.  The valve was leaking.

I called every plumber on the OBX.  Nyet.

Finally did it myself.  I used an angle grinder to expose the spout pipe and managed to get the spout replaced.  Ace Hartware had the parts to rebuild the thirty-five year-old valve.  That was tricky, to say the least.


This is 3:30 am at the West Virginia turnpike rest area at the Ohio line.  Not a bad place.


Upon getting home, Toods had to thouroughly check every inch of the back yard.  It was pouring.  This is a soaking wet Toods.



Here's our walks:

Day Location Distance
5/7 Kinnakeet 3.1
5/8 Kinnakeet back 4.2
  Ocean View/12 2.6
5/9 Kinnakeet 3.1
  Kinnakeet/12 2.3
5/10 Kinnakeet 2.9
  12/Kinnakeet 2.1
5/11 Beach south 3.2
5/12 Kinnakeet sound 4.0
  Oceanview/12 2.0
5/13 Kinnakeet 3.0
  Oceanview/12 2.0
5/14 Oceanview/Kinnakeet/Pier 3.0
  Ocean View/Kinnakeet 3.0
5/15 Salvo Day Use 2.3
  Ocean View/12 2.3
5/16 Ramp 27 North and South 2.6
5/17 Ocean View/Kinnakeet 2.6
  Ocean View/Kinnakeet 2.5
5/18 Ocean View/Kinnakeet 2.5
  OceanView/Kinnakeet  2.5

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